Fuchsias appear to be grown more extensively than in any previous year, for several houses are filled with plants of various sizes, ranging from the smallest to be sent out from rooted cuttings to those sold as established plants. The collection comprises nearly 150 varieties, and as some of the most popular are grown by the hundred, some idea may be obtained of the number of plants comprised in the stock. Several new varieties are in course of distribution, amongst them being Cannel's Gem, a very beautiful dwarf and compact growing variety with white corolla. The flowers are of fine form, nearly equaling in this respect the very best of the dark varieties. Cannel's Favorite, a pretty light-flowered variety of the Oriana type, but of course quite surpassing that variety, which in its time was deservedly held in high esteem. Resplendent, a fine dark-flowered variety in the way of Lord Elcho; Mrs. J. Lye, a pretty light flower; Stupendous, a very large double flower in the way of Champion of the World, but possessing a better habit. Mr. Cannel is also distributing four hardy hybrid fuchsias, but as they were not in bloom nothing can be said about them beyond mentioning them as worthy of a trial in gardens in which hardy fuchsias usually do well.

These are said to be hybrids between the hardy species and the best of the show varieties.- Gardener's Magazine.