A new and peculiar flower, belonging to the Poppy family, which we did not meet in California, but of which we often heard. The plant was represented to us as two feet or more in height, with white, fragrant flowers quite five inches in diameter. The petals are pure white, stamens bright yellow, foliage pale green, somewhat glaucus. Flowers fragrant, and often from forty to fifty adorning the plant at one time.- J. Vick.

[We believe this plant has somewhat the face of the well known Argemone Mexicana, or Mexican Poppy. - Ed. G. M.]

Delphinium nudicaule - Mr. Vick says of this: "Among the beautiful flowers that adorn the California mountains, we saw nothing really more decorative than the bright scarlet Larkspur, Delphinium nudicaule. Every mountain-top, especially in the neighborhood of the Geysers, seemed covered with these brilliant little flowers. We filled our hands with the flowers, and our pockets with the seeds; and though often warned that rattle-snakes abounded, we saw nothing more formidable than the pretty little lizards, that seemed as lively as crickets."