Officers of the Association, for 1876: President, John Henderson, Flushing, Long Island. Vice-Presidents, George Such, South Amboy, N. J.; James M. Patterson, Newark, N. J.; William C. Wilson, Astoria, Long Island; Robert B. Parsons, Flushing, Long Island. Recording Secretary, W. J. Davidson, 322 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Corresponding Secretary, Peter Henderson, 35 Cortlandt Street, New York. Treasurer, Isaac H. Young, 12 Cortlandt Street, New York.

This Society seems entering on a successful career. The last exhibition is reported as having been well attended. Among the exhibitors were W. L. Fisher, John Thornhill, Isaac Buchanan, S. B. Parsons & Sons, James Riddle, Charles Zel-ler, Henry Bird, Wm. Ball, Peter Henderson, Ekirsh & Wilson, A. M. Connell, F. Gordon, Walter Reid, S. Henshaw, Robert Casey and W. Walsh. The only item of general interest that we can gather from the newspaper report before us, is that the premium for the best strawberry of any kind was awarded to Wm. Burgess, for La Constante.