A plant of Pittosporum tobira, four and a half feet high, and three feet in diameter of its spread branches, was planted in the open garden of James C. Smith, Esq., 2104 Walnut street, Philadelphia, in June, 1S75 (last year). It stood out all last winter without injury, and now, June 5th, 1876, it is in a flourishing state, and covered with its white, sweet-scented blooms. If it should prove always hardy in this latitude, it will be a charming addition to our evergreen blooming shrubs. It diffuses the fragrance of its blooms for a large distance around it, and is then very ornamental, with broad and dark foliage.

David Landreth, Esq., seedsman, who has successfully cultivated the hardy hybrid Rhododendrons for a quarter of a century back at Bloomsdale, has had the greatest profusion of blooms by them this year that he ever had, and the same with his hybrid Belgian Azaleas.