The following kind notice from the Gardener's Chronicle shows the high appreciation of the Society's work in intelligent European cities:

"We have received, through the kindness of Colonel Wilder, a report of the last meeting of the American Pomological Society, held at Chicago, 1875. The perusal of this report gives us a vivid idea of the magnitude of the Society's operations, and the zeal with which its work is carried on. We know of nothing to approach it in Europe. The report before Us contains the summary of the business of the meeting, attended by delegates from most of the States of the Union; various essays on certain points of fruit-tree culture, to some of which we may hereafter refer; and last, not least, a most valuable (for America) catalogue of fruits, authentically named, with their synonyms, a brief description and indication of the value in which the particular fruit is held, as judged by a committee, in the several States, grouped under a northern division between 42° and 49°, a central division between 35° and 42°, and a southern division between 28° and 35° lat.