At a meeting of the Seed Trade, held at the Astor House, in the City of New York, on the 6th day of January inst., at which were represented the principal houses of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Albany, the subject of the liability of Seedsmen for damage by failure of crops from seed sold, by them, was fully discussed - and thereupon after much consultation, it was considered by the meeting that, in view of recent decisions in the States of New York and New Jersey, holding Seedsmen liable for all damages happening to their customers by reason of failure of their crops, which could be traced to the Seed sold, it was imperatively necessary for them to adopt such measures as should protect them from the claims of designing or ignorant parties.

The meeting therefore adopted a resolution that the Seedsmen print upon their packages) bill-heads and circulars, a notice similar to the following:

" While we exercise the greatest care to have all Seeds pure and reliable, it is hereby mutually agreed between ourselves and the purchaser of this package, that we do not warrant the same, and are not in any respect liable or responsible for the Seeds sold by us, or for any loss or damage arising from any failure thereof in any respect."

It is unnecessary to add that the dealers, without dissent, disclaimed any idea of selling poor or imperfect Seed; they propose as heretofore and always, to use their best efforts in good faith to furnish their customers with the best, and while they do not doubt that this will be well understood and accepted, they feel confident that their customers will at the same time approve and justify them in their efforts for self-protection.