Before the discovery of the mammoth Sequoias of California, the baobob tree of India used to be the greatest wonder among large trees. We have read of it taking thirteen men spreading arms and touching fingers to span one tree. An English government paper on Forests, thus speaks of some: - In Upper India, especially, the growth of this tree is extremely slow. Two trees planted at Etawah, in 1824, are at this date only 50 and 55 feet high, with a girth of only 9 and 10 feet respectively at 6 feet from the ground; and the largest of a number of trees planted in the same station, between the years 1859 and 1864, by Mr. A. 0. Hume, the magistrate and collector of the district, has now only attained a height of 24 feet, with a girth of 2 feet 2 inches at 6 feet from the ground. At Lucknow, also, the largest of some trees, locally reported to have been planted in the reign of Asaf-ud-dowla, or between ninety and a hundred years ago, is not more than 13 feet in girth at 5 feet from the ground.