A western nurseryman advertises "That he has growing on his premises spontaneous seedlings. Large amounts of seedlings of different sizes, and some ten or a dozen different varieties, which he will give away in any quantity to any person for his planting only, by his removing them at his own expense. He will furnish full information regarding sizes, varieties, cost of removing, etc, to any person addressing him as above, with stamp to pay return postage." It reminds us of an old "almanac " story. There was a man who was " too lazy to live," and his neighbors determined on burying him. On the way one charitable soul took pity on him, and offered him a bushel of corn. He looked out of the coffin in which they were taking him to the grave, and asked, "Is it shelled?" Finding it was not, he sadly exclaimed, "move on," and went to his rest! It is hardly to be expected that people who are willing to get something for nothing will "send a postage stamp, etc." They may do so out West, but that class have long since left here.

Kansas Agricultural Report. 1875. Fourth Volume. From Alfred Gray, Secretary. A fine volume of 750 pages, filled with information as regards the agricultural resources and natural history of the State.