H., Oberlin, 0., writes: "By a recent reference in the Gardener's Monthly, I see you refer to the Rhode Island Greening producing sweet apples in California and sour in the Atlantic States. Is the authority undoubted for this statement? It is so remarkable that I think it ought to have confirmation."

We have eaten sweet Rhode Island Greenings from California. If the authority requires strengthening, perhaps the following, from the pen of Charles Downing, may help our good friend to believe. He does not, to be sure, speak of his variations being sour or sweet, but still it goes so far as remarkable variations: "As to the two varieties being found on the same tree, it reminds me of a remark made by a celebrated pomologist, viz.: that he could select twelve apples from a R. I. Greening tree, which any fruit committee would decide to be twelve different kinds, so you may select both Yellow and Green Newtown Pippins from the same tree, but the general crop of the yellow variety will be yellow, and so of the green." - Ed. G. M.]