Reader. Burlington, N. J., writes: " Having noticed the following article in different papers, copied from the Boston Free Press: Last year we made mention of a curious plant which John Atwalt had in his garden. On Christmas eve, true to its nature, the ' Christa watzel' was up out of the frozen ground; and between 12 and 2 o'clock Christmas morning it bloomed. To-day (April 8th) it has disappeared and there is no trace of it left." Can you give any information on the subject ? I can find nothing of it in any of the works on Botany- Please answer through the columns of the Gardener's Monthly next month and oblige".

[We are not sufficiently versed in the German vernacular names of plants to identify this for our correspondent, - but the account reads very much as if the plant might be the Black Hellebore which is called Schwarze Christwurz in Germany The German family name of the Hellebore is Neisswurz. In England it is known as Christmas Rose. It is generally in flower about Christmas, and continues to send up flowers till March, when it ceases to bloom. - Ed. G. M].

Botanical Names of the Sweet Potato-- In our last we gave Convolvulus Batatas, as the name of the Sweet Potato. Convolvulus and Ipomoee have many points in common, and some botanists confuse them. But this species is properly related to the last, and should strictly be Ipomoea - not Convolvulus Batatas.