It might be of interest of some to the readers of the Monthly for me to describe a method of working over some Flemish Beauty Pear trees, upon which the fruit cracked so badly as to render them worthless. Last Summer, in the budding season, I budded all over the trees into all the limbs which I thought would form a perfect head. The buds all "took, " and the present season have grown remarkably. To be sure this is no new discovery, but many fruit growers think that there is no way to work over a large tree except by the old-fashioned mode of cleft-grafting, and which often produces unseemly gashes upon the tree, and which it often takes a number of years for the tree to overcome. Hence I speak of this method of budding into the limb, and I think it may be of service to some, who like me are troubled with several worthless varieties of the Pear that are rendered so by cracking.