In connection with the remarks made in our magazine recently on the growing fondness of American ladies for hardy Fern gardens, it is pleasant to observe a growing taste for them in this country. Mr. J. Warren Merrill, of Cambridgeport, Mass., has felt warranted, in consequence of the increased demand for them, in making a special business of growing them for sale.

Ferns of Kentucky, - by John "Williamson, of Louisville, Kentucky. Price $2. This prettily printed and profusely illustrated little work should have an extensive sale, as the ferns of Kentucky are in a great measure the ferns of other sections of the Union. This work treats of fifty-five species or marked varieties, and many of them figured with microscopic details enlarged so as to make the structure very plain to the observer. The cosmopolitan reader, is well cared for, as in a very plain manner the whole subject of ferns is treated. " Ferns of Kentucky " does not tell the whole truth in its title. It is, indeed, an excellent treatise on ferns, and no one who loves ferns and can spare $2, but will be gratified by the possession of the little book.