R. M.. Emporia. Kan., writes:"I am troubled with a kind of knot or excrescence growing on the roots of plants, causing me great loss. It is not confined to any particular kind, but has injured Heliotrope, Begonia, Sedum, Solamun, etc.

" I submitted specimens to Prof. C. V. Riley, and he pronounced it the result of the work of 'a nematoid worm, closely allied to, if not iden-tical with. Angullula radicola.' He tells me that you have been troubled with it, but does not seem to know any remedy for it other than to advise the destruction of the infected plants and soil.

" If you have bad trouble from this source, have you found any application that would check its ravages? It seems to me that such applications as have been found beneficial in cases of grapevines affected by phylloxera vestatrix would prove beneficial. I should be pleased to have your experience and opinion as to the best treatment for the disease." [Allusion is here made to the insect on the roots of the violet, to which much reference was made in our last year's volume. If any of our readers who suffered so badly from the insect, have found any remedy, we should be glad to know. - Ed. G. M].