Easy in comparison as these seem to be, no one not in the secret can have the least idea of the labor and trouble they give to those who wish to understand what they hear or read about. A case in point we find in a recent Chicago Tribune. A correspondent from Missouri tells a wonderful story about the"Wan" weed, and which is also the"Dyer's weed." It grows in the State in great abundance everywhere, and may save thousands of dollars to tanners in leather making. The editor considers that the easy common name informs nobody, consults his books and finds it to be, he says,"Reseda luteola;" while the innocent plant is, no doubt, Polygonum amphibium. It would have been hard, no doubt, for that correspondent to have sent his specimen to his State Botanist, and have had to learn so "hard" a name as Polygonum amphibium, instead of writing"Wan" to his editor; but it will be harder still to unlearn the fact started in this loose way that Reseda luteola is a good plant for tanning leather.