Ficus Parcelli, F. Nitida, F. Cooperi. Each of the above fruited with me for the seasons of '77, '78; the Fig of the Cooperi was about an inch and a quarter in diameter of an orange red color. Parcelli was dark purple, small; nitida, green. Elast-ica had some fruit, but without noticing them I cut off the branches to propagate. They require here about the same protection as Geraniums in Winter.

Fruiting Of Ficus Parcelli

F. B., of Jackson, Mich., writes: "We have a plant of Ficus Parcelli in our collection, which is showing fruit. I have not heard of this plant fruiting, and would like to know through the Gardener's Monthly, if such is the case. The fruit is about the size of a hazel-nut, and in form like the common Fig Ficus Carica".

"F. B, " page 305, October Monthly, asks if the fruiting of this plant is uncommon. No. Even plants in four to six inch pots fruit freely. They do so here, and I have seen plants in fruit at several other places. The fruits too are quite pretty, being beautifully variegated, and as they are about to ripen suffused with a warm rosy color.