R., St. Joseph, Mo., says:"I send the leaves of some Peach trees that are entirely out of shape. I notice it on several trees in this section of the country. Please tell us what is the cause of this, and the preventative or cure. We had a very early Spring, which brought everything out very quick; then comes that snapping frost the first of May. I have attributed this as the cause, but of course will wait for your opinion, which will be of much importance to your readers of the Monthly in this section of the country".

[The leaves are affected by a fungus, similar to that which induces the ordinary Peach blister. This form we have not seen before: Instead of the irregular blotches, as generally seen, the leaf is apparently drawn downwards, folding the surface in regular plaits like the slats of a Venetian blind. Send specimens to Prof. Far-low, at Cambridge, Mass., or W. H. Seaman, Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C, who pay especial attention to the Peach fungi. - Ed. G. M.J