W. 1ST. M.,. Oswego, N. Y., writes: "I trust you will excuse me for troubling you again, but it seems as if I was having more than my share of curious freaks of flowers. I send you by this mail a double Lilium Candidum which has appeared in my Candidum bed, containing about three hundred plants. The plant is vigorous, and there are ten double flowers on the spikes, giving it a decided Tuberose appearance. This flower I send is a fair sample. It leaves me in good form, and is white; I trust it will reach you perfect".

[This is a very interesting freak. It is not double in the usual sense of double flowers, but a simple mass of white leaves terminating the stalk, the leaves scattered closely along about me inch of stalk. And yet it shows how closely eaves and flowers are allied in nature when leaves can be made to look like white petals. - Ed.G.M].