Regular Foliage Beds should properly be some distance from the walks, say 40 to CO feet, and where convenient, be placed behind the carpet-beds for which they may serve as backgrounds, while they lose nothing in appearance thereby. The shape of these beds is not subject to much restriction, though circles, ovals or parallelograms are preferable.

Only one variety of foliage plant should be put in each bed as chief plant, and these two or three feet apart, with Petunias, Verbenas, Alyssum or such like plants between them as undergrowth, bordered by one or two ribbons. The following plants may be used for this purpose:

Aralia papyrifera, Caladium esculentum, Polymnia grandis, Wigandia caracassana, Canna discolor, C. Zebrina, C. musaefolia, C. Marechal Vaillant, Solanum robustum, S. Warsewiczii, S. purpurea; another variety, S. salicifolius, I have often found attacked at the roots by grubs.