Since it turns out that our members of Congress pass laws that are liable to be evaded by their dishonest constituents (judging us, of course, by themselves), taking this, the most charitable view of the situation, for we do not want to believe they are influenced by the express companies' money, I would suggest that you originate in your journal a petition to the honest members of Congress, to be signed by postal card, addressed to you, and by you presented to the cleverest member you know of, for the law to be so changed as to not admit of a construction that excludes from the benefits of the office Agriculturists, Horticulturists, Seedsmen, and 'Scientists, in the transmission of their products. The principle feature of the petition to be that parcels of plants, seeds, specimens in natural history, etc, may be sent through the mails at the rate now fixed by law, with labels or tickets, printed or written, securely tied to secure safety in transmission, subject only to inspection at the delivery office by the sender paying three cents additional to the amount required by law.

This would be a boon to thousands of us who do not care so much about saving a penny as we do about losing a pound, and certainly ought to save us from suspicion of stealing our messages through, when we could send them on a postal card. This, it is true, would be an additional burden imposed upon this large class of respectable (except in certain high law-making quarters) citizens. Yet I believe that all who are prescribed by recent constructions and rulings in the law, from the use of the mails at all, would gladly welcome this additional tax on their business than be deprived wholly of its benefits; and let us all pray that the time may come when writing on the wrapper of a parcel of seeds, the word"seeds" shall not subject the whole to letter postage. What a terrible offence to somebody that must be!"Were any other people but ourselves ever guilty of such ridiculous absurdity?