M. Bicolor

I think is only a variety of spec-tabilis with larger and brighter flowers.

M. Moreliana

This resembles spectabilis very much, both in mode of growth and shape of flower, but it is far handsomer. Sepals and petals rich purple; lip large and rosy purple veined with rose. This is a rare plant. I have had many sent from Rio for M. Morelana, but never got but one that was true. Blooms in August or September.

Oakland Cemetery, Syracuse

We hear that this progressive company intend to build a "Chapel of Roses," modeled after that designed by Mr. Campbell for the Eorest Cemetery at Utica.

Beautiful Cyclamens

By what we read in the English periodicals, we see how great has been the improvement in Cyclamens; but a sample from Mr. Barker, of Norfolk, Va., shows that they are even more beautifully improved than we supposed. This sample comprises fifteen different shades of color or form. They seem to be a mixture of three species, Cyclamen coum, C. persicum and C. Europaeum.

Seedling Verbenas

G. B., Colora, Mo., sends blooms of a seedling Verbena. It is a soft and agreeable shade of vermilion. There have been so many shades of Verbena introduced of late years since Verbena seed raising has been so common, that we do not feel safe in saying the color is novel, but we may say that it is a very good variety.

The Phylloxera

This little insect is on its travels. At the latest accounts it had reached Australia, and is receiving the attentions of the grape growers there.

Scraps And Queries. Japan Persimmons

We have samples of dried persimmons, from James Waters, of Wat-sonville, California, of about the same good quality as those already noted in these pages.

The Massachusetts Premiums For Tree-Planting

The prizes for tree-planting offered by the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture have closed with thirty-two entries, principally from the eastern part of the State. This competition necessitates the planting, this Spring, fourteen acres with White Pine seed, four acres with Scotch Pine seed, 52,000 White Ash plants, and 30,500 European Larch.

Tea Culture In The South

There is little doubt, from all the facts before us, but the real Chinese Tea plant can be grown well, and the article made cheap enough to have a commercial value in some of the Southern States; and we look for it in time to be as high among staple Southern farm products as sugar or oranges.

The Catalpa Tree

Mr. E. E. Barney, of Dayton, O., has collected facts and issued a neat pamphlet in regard to this tree, which we are glad to see, having been among the first to call attention to the great durability of its timber.