Being engaged somewhat in growing greenhouse and bedding plants, and especially Orchids, I have been much interested in such articles as have appeared from time to time in the Monthly upon the culture of Orchids. The articles from Mr. Chas. H. Snow, of Baltimore, I think very practical. I like that kind of information very much, and hope Mr. Snow may continue his articles as often as he can get facts together for the benefit of Orchid growers; and I think the number is increasing very fast in this country. At a late sale of imported Orchids from Brazil or Venezuela, which were collected by Mr. Thomas Hogg, of New York, there was a large attendance and good prices were realized for most of the articles sold, which consisted largely of Cattleya Mossiae. There was sold on the same day and place (Messrs. Young and Elliott), quite a collection from Guatemala, which were fine plants in fine condition and brought good prices. Mr. E. S. Rand! is now in Brazil, up the river Amazon, where he has now a large collection of Orchids ready to ship when the proper time arrives. I suppose these will be sold in New York when they arrive, thus giving Orchids growers a chance to purchase and establish plants for themselves, which takes from one to two years before the plants are strong enough to blossom.

Dry plants of Orchids hot established, should be bought with considerable caution, as they will not all come boldly up to our wishes; and then there has been many sold which were not true to name. This is very annoying after getting the plant established and having them turn out much inferior to the varieties which they were purchased for. I hope to see new names writing up articles on Orchids and their culture for the Monthly.