"Carlos." - "Can you give any idea how large it would be safe to move trees ?"We have some Norway Maples, a foot round, in the way of some improvements, which we do not wish to lose. If they can be moved, when and how?"

It is hard to give an"idea" without seeing the trees. So much of success depends on constitutional health and other circumstances. A moss-grown tree or one growing weakly would die if a"foot round;" while, if in vigorous health, it would make no difference if it be a foot thick, provided all the roots are obtained. To get all the roots you must dig in a circle, say for a tree the size of yours, six feet from the tree, making a circle twelve feet wide. Dig this ditch two feet deep, and then"undermine" the roots. You cannot carry a ball of earth twelve feet wide and two feet deep, except at an enormous expense; but you can get all the roots by this system, which is of more importance to the tree than all the earth. Spring will do for it in Brooklyn. - Ed. G. M].