J. W. B., Plattsburgh, N. Y., writes : "Referring to your remarks on the want of a more hardy and vigorous tree of the peculiar flavor of the Esopus Spitz-enburg, and as abundant a bearer, I have to say that I have that variety. I exhibited the fruit at the annual meeting of the New York State Agricultural Society, 1859, and received a silver medal for it, named Scribner's Spitzenburg. It is hardy and vigorous, of the form and peculiar flavor of the Esopus variety, and the tree more hardy and vigorous, color a lighter red than Esopus. I propagated trees of this variety, and sold it from my nursery for several years; but as I have not propagated any trees for several years, I have none for sale at present, but can supply in small quantities next Fall. I will, if possible, send you a sample of the fruit next week".

[The apple was a little over ripe."We should judge from this that it is a little earlier than its parent. The fruit is also more angular, but in other respects very much like the Esopus Spitzenburg. So far as we can judge from these, the variety is nearly, perhaps quite, as good as the original. - Ed. G-. M].