As it is apt to confuse some of the readers of the Gardener's Monthly, when reading extracts from English gardening papers, in which the sizes of flower pots are too often technically enumerated, I beg to herewith append a table which, I trust, may be of service to them:

Thumbs, 2 in. to 2 in.; sixty's (60's), 3 in.; forty-eight's (48's), 4 in.; thirty-two's (32's), 6 in.; twenty-four's (24's), 8 in.; sixteen's, (16's), 9 in.; twelve's (12's), 11 in.; eight's (8's), 12 in.; six's (6's), 13 in.; four's, (4's), 15 in.; two's (2's), 10 in.