Sancho Panza asserts that it is not easy to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but we can often make something quite as pretty out of some very unlikely materials, and we expect the reader will agree with this after perusing the following, from Mr. Robinson's Garden:

"At this moment in the Paris Exhibition can be seen between the galleries reserved for the vegetables and the cut flowers, and near the conservatory constructed by M. Cochu, a very happy innovation as regards some remarkably fine Phlox decussata cultivated in pots. The innovation, may be thus described: In the centre of a pot sufficiently Large has been planted a Phlox, the shoots of which have been laid radiating towards the rim of the pot, where they form a circle and rise vigorously, giving a strong inflorescence.. The number of flowering stems, sometimes reaching ten or twelve thus disposed as a sort of crown, afford a graceful and elegant effect".

We are often asked to go around and see how pretty a variety of Phlox, some friend has raised; but we would sooner take up our "beaver" and draw on our neat black "kids" to go and look at. an old kind grown like that.