In reply to the remark of J. J. S., (see October Monthly, page 292) that "There has been a story verbally circulated, that somebody was about to bring out a real novelty - a Hydrangea that clings to the wall, and has grand panicles, " &c; let me inform him that the apparent myth is a reality, and in the market, it being offered last Spring by Peter Henderson, under the name of Schizophragma Hydrangeiodes, who introduces and describes it as follows:

" We believe we are the first to offer this valuable climbing plant, either here or in Europe. Mr.Thos. Hogg, to whom we are so much indebted for many other Japan plants, describes it as clinging to trees to the height of fifty feet, producing corymbs of white flowers of the size of ordinary Hydrangeas. It clings exactly like Ivy, and one can imagine the effect of a wall or a tree so covered, when in full bloom. Like all Japan plants of that character, it no doubt, will prove entirely hardy. Our plants up to this date, December 25th, have withstood the cold, apparently as well as our hardiest shrubs".

It remains now for Mr. H. to say whether it survived the whole winter.