Mr. Elwood Cooper, brought up in Lancaster county, Pa., after making a fortune in the West India trade, went to Santa Barbara, California, and settled down to the cultivation of a large ranche - 4,000 Olive trees, 4,000 English Walnuts, 12,500 Almond trees, and 50,000 Eucalyptus trees constitute a portion of the orchards and forest he has set out.

Appreciating the importance of growing large quantities of trees and the especial value of the Eucalyptus, he opened an intercourse with Baron Ferd. Von Muller, Director Botanic Gardens of Melbourne, and received numerous pamphlets of the Baron's writing on Eucalyptus. These he has collected and edited, with matter of his writing, making an important contribution to our works on forest culture. Close with as much of the circular as you choose He has sent a gift of a copy of his book to the Phila. Library, where it can be seen.

In a letter to a gentleman of this city he says:

"All of you can have the Blue Gum in your ornamental plantations for several months in the summer. Plant the seeds in October in a greenhouse, give the roots a large box, put out in June in warm, dry soil, give water sufficient to keep a lively growth. Thus you can have a plant of great beauty by October, ten to fifteen feet high".

He also sent seed of twenty-one varieties of Eucalyptus, a portion of which have been given to Mr. Miller for propagation, at Horticultural Hall in the Park.

Our friends, in the Southern States especially, should take notice where they can secure the books on the Eucalyptus and the seed.

Some time since a Connecticut correspondent wrote to us about his prospects in planting in Connecticut,coolly asking us to"send him a copy of our magazine containing our reply." We answered his communication in the magazine, but did not"send the copy".

We suppose that the gentleman did not profit by our advice, for we hear that some one is arranging to plant it there extensively the coming Spring. We should hardly believe this, only we happen to know of a tree dealer who is anxiously looking up plants in all directions for a customer in that State.