This valuable acquisition does not resemble the common Verbena to any great extent. It grows about eighteen inches high, branches freely, and has dark green serrated foliage about six inches high. It is an annual, requires to be sown in January, and kept very moist until the seeds germinate; afterwards, the treatment of half-hardy annuals suits it.

It is really astonishing the quantity of flowers that is produced. From the middle of June till now, the beds planted with it, have been one mass of large purple flowers. I know of no other perpetual purple flowering plant. It does not milldew, and is the proper size to contrast with most Geraniums. When it becomes known it will be indispensable.

I send you a few flowers of it, Mr. Editor, for your inspection.

[We are glad to have attention called to this very beautiful, hardy, herbaceous plant. - Ed. G. M].