As noted elsewhere, the"agent" has been trapped and caught by the Gardener's Monthly folks, after he has had. for over a year, the good picking under his"agency" for many other periodicals, seed houses, and nurserymen, and could not be caught. We learn that one gardener near Germantown was saved by the good sense of his wife. He had agreed to get the Gardener's Monthly,"to be weekly, in future, with no increase in price," and the "shears," and he went rejoicing to the house for the $2 for the gentleman, who politely assured him that "he need not pay the money now until after he got the magazine, if he did not want to; but as he had the receipts at hand it might save trouble to pay at once." But the wife forcibly inquired what he was"after in paying out money to a stranger," which happy thought struck the gardener as sensible, and so "Mr. Waters "was asked to"call again." A wife like that is a treasure to any man, and School Lane, German-town, should be proud of her. It seems clear that a man who consults his wife before giving money to a bogus agent, has decidedly the best of it, and we recommend the practice to those who have never been visited by Mr. Waters, or C. E. Anderson, or any such man.