Beautiful flowers, climbing vines and luxuriant foliage, have their beauty greatly enchaned by tasteful receptacles, and those other accessories, such as handsome trellises, tasteful stands, etc., which testify to the care bestowed upon them.

Window Boxes And Jardinieres 41Window Boxes And Jardinieres 42

In this day, when "retrenchment" is the word that governs the majority of households, it becomes a matter of some importance for-those who, with artistic tastes but limited means, desire to surround themselves with the beautiful in nature and art, to be able to do so with as little expense as possible, therefore it is with real pleasure we offer to you a description of some receptacles for window plants, which we have made with satisfaction to ourselves and the admiration of all who have seen them. The window boxes are made as usual, an ordinary pine case, ten inches to one foot deep and from one to two feet wide, the length of the window, and lined with zinc or painted tin. Now the face of each box is embellished in several different ways, three of which we will describe: