A full catalogue of the growers of Dutch bulbs is a curious study. The quantities and varieties are enormous, while the prices vary with the beauty or novelty. Messrs. Krelage & Co. of Haarlem have taken 120 prizes for hyacinths, and many hundreds for tulips. The complete list of hyacinths embraces 2200 varieties. One is puzzled by the variety what to order. In tulips, the old Duc Van Tholl holds its own, and is from nine shillings the hundred to four shillings. The crocus varies from twelve and sixpence to twenty shillings the thousand. A list of Autumnal crocuses is much dearer. Lilies, as a rule, are costly. Yuccas are increasing in variety; and squills, of which we should be glad to see more planted, are plentiful.