Few persons when enjoying the results of progress ever think of to whom they are indebted for so much of their pleasure and prosperity until they lose their friends, and then they stop to think of what they have done for them. Thus it is in the death of Col. Ed.Wilkins,of Chestertown,Md., which happened at his home on the 26th of Dec, in his 60th year. He is one of the fathers of the immense modern peach trade, the dimensions of which so astonish Europeans. His orchards were a wonderful success. The trees with good care and management continue to hear year after year, and many of the trunks are of great size; and he loved nothing more in his pleasant friendly way than to urge them on the editor of this magazine as an illustration of the benefits of clean surface culture, of which he was a warm advocate. He will be greatly missed within a very large circle.