Forest fires require more looking after than the woodman's axe. It is a difficult question to decide what to do. It has been suggested that premiums should be paid to those who put them out before they extend far; but this would tend to increase fires. It would be often a profitable way of starting a job. Laws might be enacted against the careless hunter, or camper out, or negligent railroad company, but laws are too expensive to enforce, and delinquents hard to find. Perhaps if careless people could be traced, and made rigorously responsible for damages to the extent of their means, it might do some good in establishing a habit of carefulness. Forest fires have been unusually heavy this season, and they deter forest planting more than perhaps any other difficulty the planter is liable to encounter. Still this does not interfere with small and isolated plantations.

Some of the leading daily papers continue to call urgently for measures to prevent the wanton destruction of Pennsylvania forests by fires. Exactly so. It is easy to "call'r for measures - we are all calling - but what shall those "measures " be?