Either you have quoted him very badly, or Mr. Lemmon makes some bad blunders about his Sierra trees. Abies magnifica is Red Silver Fir as he says; but the White Silver Fir is Abies concolor, which may well be called the White Fir. Abies grandis does not grow in the Sierras, and I doubt if Mr. Lemmon has ever seen this tree growing. Of its economic value I know nothing. It is a tree of the northwest coast, and only reaches California in some of the northern coast counties.

The Western Tamarack is no Tamarack at all in the Eastern sense of the word, but Pinus con-torta, the name having been given, I fancy, by Eastern settlers, from the resemblance in form to the Eastern Larch.

Larix Occidentalis is a far Northern tree, and only comes into the extreme northern counties of California.

[The names are just as Mr. Lemmon applied them. Indeed it was chiefly to draw attention to this general confusion of "popular names" that we referred to the matter at all. - Ed. G. M].