In that address I endeavored to sum up the experience which had been acquired during these years of our association, and the opinions I had so fully and freely expressed on former occasions on the topics connected with our art. I shall withhold any extended remarks in the present address, and simply refer to a few of the most important lessons which have been acquired by the experience of the past. I have often alluded to these before, but I desire to call your attention to them again, and first, the expediency of producing new and improved varieties from seed, either by cross-breeding or from the natural seed of the best known kinds extant. These are the best methods of increasing and preserving a perpetuity of choice fruits, so that they may be adapted to the various soils and temperatures of our widely extended and constantly increasing domain. Therefore, confirming my oft-repeated suggestions, I most earnestly desire to enforce them and thus obtain in the future more and more of those superlative fruits that grace the catalogues of different sections of our country. Go on without fear of disappointment. This is the road that leads to success.

Who knows what glorious fruits you may create to bless the generations that are to follow you?