On a recent visit I was interested to notice how rapidly a wild piece of land may be made to blossom in beauty. Here which but a little over half a dozen years ago were nothing but corn fields, old apple trees and waste, now is a pretty little nursery, with numerous glass houses for rare exotic, choice bedding plants and cut flowers, comprising over 50,000 square feet of glass.

A special feature of these nurseries is the neat and tasteful arrangement of the front, which is in stinking contrast with the neglected, not to say dirty appearance of the approaches to many nursery grounds; but the elegant appearance of the grounds of the Mount Airy Nurseries are only what one might expect from the eminence of one of the firm in the landscape gardening-art. The out-door department is devoted to rare and ornamental trees in immense variety, amongst which may be especially noted the rhododendron which grow here without any more care than any nursery plant receives, and with a vigor and luxurance far superior to what we find them in their native localities, and which show how far at sea are those who regard them as requiring extraordinary knowledge and skill for their successful culture. Altogether no one will fail to derive great enjoyment from a visit to these very pretty nurseries.