A paragraph going the rounds of the newspapers says that Mr. P. T. Quinn gathered from one acre of ground on his farm at Newark, 5,487 quarts of strawberries, which netted him in the New York market, $626.60. This is about one quart to every eight square feet, or, as usually one half the ground under fruit culture is "headland," alleys, or spaces on which there are no plants, about a quart to every four square feet, and then we have eleven cents a quart to the grower "net"; that is after all expenses of freight and the great "middleman" have been deducted. This is a pretty good showing, but it must be so rare and exceptional an instance, that it will be well to tell those who may be inclined to rush into the strawberry growing on the strength of these figures, that they must not expect to have-such luck as this very often. In Philadelphia markets it is considered pretty good for even the best strawberry growers to get five cents "net" on the fruit they sell.