What are known as common or English names, give a world of trouble, as there seems to be no end to their number or application. We have most of us settled down to the belief that the "Red spruce of the Rocky Mountains," is Picea, Abies, or Tsuga Douglasii, but now comes Mr. Lemmon in the Pacific Rural Press and says: "Tsuga Douglasii, Lindl. Douglas spruce. Black spruce of the Rocky Mountains, and of the California coast and Sierra ranges. A common and often immense tree, 200 to 350 feet high, with a rough, black barked trunk eight to fifteen feet in diameter. Timber soft but strong, composing the great lumber wealth of Oregon and Washington; cones ovate, three inches long; bracts much exserted, three-parted; leaves light green, arranged in spirals around the hanging twigs".