Mr. J. R. Dodge, of the Census Bureau, 1228 N Street, Washington, D. C, sends us the following letter, which we print hoping that those who may be interested in the success of Mr. Dodge's excellent endeavors, will aid him by suggestion : Department of the Interior - Census Office - Washington, D. C. - "I am preparing a circular of inquiry, as special agent under the Superintendent of the Census for the collection of Agricultural Statistics, relative to fruit growing, designed to be sent to experienced pomo-logists in every section of the country, and desire suggestions from you as to inquiries desirable in such a circular, such as the distribution of fruits, proportion of area occupied by each, preferred varieties in each locality, soil and situation favorable to growth and productiveness, soil preparation, culture and treatment, age of bearing, average rate of production, diseases and remedies, etc. It will afford an opportunity never before presented of obtaining a universal expression of experience and general collection of facts upon disputed points in practical pomology that will be of immense service.

As other industries will be exhaustively studied and reported, I desire also, to procure a collection of facts and experiences worthy of the age and of the intelligence and skill of American fruit growers. Please suggest as many specific points of inquiry, and with as much minuteness as you choose, under the above or other heads, as may at once occur to you, and oblige".