While making a hasty run last Summer through St. Louis on the way to the Rio Grande, the editor was kindly driven around Tower Grove Park by the controller Mr. Henry Shaw, and among other interesting things, inspected the store-house for plants then being erected. This was simply a handsome brick building with numerous windows instead of an ordinary greenhouse. Mr. Shaw had noted from his extended horticultural experience, that a vast number of hardy plants which are used for Summer decoration, did not grow in the Winter, and therefore needed little light. It was of more importance to keep them from frost than to have an abundance of light. Of course a building with solid walls would be much warmer at far less expense than an ordinary greenhouse; and so this beautiful building was put up. Desiring to know the success during the past Winter Mr. Shaw now tells us :

"The plant-house erected in Tower Grove Park 100 by 30 feet, appears to answer our purpose, viz: for the Winter protection of palms and other foliage plants, to place in the park in Summer. The temperature has been kept at 50 to 60° to avoid a forced growth which would be affected by out-door exposure".