It was a very pretty bouquet that was presented by the ladies of Bethlehem to the Editor of the Gardener's Monthly at the conclusion of his little talk on window gardening at the recent annual meeting of the State Horticultural Society. Fronds of the maiden hair fern rested on the lace bordering. Above this dark heliotrope, mignonette, and dark carnations, lightened by white ageratum. Rather lighter colored flowers fol-lowed, such as Bon Silene rose, La Purite carnation with double white primroses, and other lighter flowers interspersed, still carrying through the ageratum. Towards the centre were the lighter colored roses, carnations, with a more plentiful supply of mignonette, but with the ageratum decreasing in quantity. The grading of the dark colors into the light, and of the ageratum into the mignonette was very good indeed, and the whole a very successful effort of design in bouquet making. We learned that it was made for the ladies by Mr. O'Neill, gardener to Mr. Krause, of that city.