The publisher hands in a letter from J. Q. A. D., of Owatonna, Iowa, who indignantly orders his Monthly "stopped." He ordered from one of the firms advertising in our columns some "Pearl" tuberoses. When they flowered he could not see that they were different from the old kind, and he will not " subscribe to any paper which admits advertisers of this kind into its columns." We do not know even to which of the firms advertising in our columns he refers, but that a publisher should look into every article that every firm sells, before such firm is allowed to advertise, shows how much some people expect for two dollars a year. On the other hand, there are some who calculate how much they make by reading the Gardener's Monthly, as well as what they may lose by such an occurrence as the other describes, and of such is the following from St. Joseph, Missouri:

" In past years we have had no end of trouble with Verbenas,but after reading Mr. Peter Henderson's article in the Gardener's Monthly, on Verbena Rust, we gave them the treatment he described, and now have 3000 of the finest plants that one could wish. If we had had the same result last year we should be man}- dollars cash in pocket now".

We fancy there is nothing in the world that is an unmixed good. Such perfect experiences may be had in Elysium, but hardly in the advertising columns of even so careful a magazine as the Gardener's Monthly. All we can hope for is that the " profit" is largely ahead of the "loss" account; and we really believe there is no subscriber but gets back his full two dollars' worth, after allowance for all drawbacks.