Alpha informs us that ants rapidly made a midnight move after a lawn was sprinkled by an artificial fertilizer, and a rose bush also infested, was cleared of the intruders similarly treated. We have no doubt but that many of these nauseous smelling mixtures would be effective, as the ant has nice smelling powers.

Mrs. H. B., Guilford, Conn., writes: " We are losing all our Pelargoniums by the ravages of white ants, that eat into the root stalks and follow up the branches, hollowing the whole plant. They have troubled us in the cellar timbers of our dwelling house, and we've tried various poisons without effect. Now they are in our garden, and we want to know if anything will destroy them. Can you give us any light on the subject?"

[In the house, scrub the infested places and strew Elder leaves about. For ants about flowers, a friend informs us that a very little salt - not enough to injure the plants - will drive them away. - Ed. G. M].