No plant has stood the drouth more unflinchingly than Vinca rosea. Planted out it keeps green and stocky, and is in blossom all summer long. Raised from seed in a hot-bed or warm greenhouse in February or early March, nice plants are had for planting out in May. It is so easily raised from seeds that propagation by cuttings is seldom resorted to. It is largely used for massing in flower beds.

Retinosporas have grown better than any other of our evergreens.

Mignonette vine, Dioscorea batatas and Mauran-dia Rarclayana have grown splendidly at the base of a south-facing wall, where the soil is very dry and the situation rather roasting.

Among red leaved bedding plants there is nothing, so far, to surpass Alternanthera paronychioi-des major. Most Alternantheras do not assume their bright coloring till the end of July, but this variety is always brilliant; summer and winter are alike to it. It is an excellent grower, withstands the drouth admirably, and requires just the same care as any other Alternanthera.

The variegated Stevia takes the lead among white-leaved strong-growing bedding plants. All the year round it retains its variegation well, is reliable and a vigorous grower, and bears any amount of clipping with impunity.

As a carpet of green no plant of my acquaintance nearly equals Veronica repens. The little Mints grow so thick and soft that they damp off in patches. Arenaria glabra is a good plant for a green carpet, but nothing to be compared with this little Veronica; neither can Thymus micans nor T. Corsicus. Veronica repens grows so densely and flat as to form tough sods, and judging from its behavior here during the past two years, keeps as closely to the ground as if it were shaven. A deep green color in exposed and half shaded places, never damps off when not buried by other plants, is hardy, a great spreader, and can be multiplied ad infinitum. To these may be added a complete covering of lovely blossoms in spring. As soon as they have done flowering, the flower spikes should be sheared off, in order to beautify the carpet.