Cultivators will do well to look after this pernicious weed, which is fast taking the country for its own. It is so very pretty that it is likely to appeal to sympathy to let it stand a while. A recent issue of the Montgomery County, O., Horticultural Society says it has appeared at Dayton.

"The most attractive of the strangers among us is the Convolvulus arvensis found growing on Mr. J. Peirce's place. This delicate little morning glory was never before in this part of the country, and it is not known how it came here, as it was supposed to be confined to the sea coast; from Maine to Carolina, where it had been introduced from Europe. I exhibit to the society, a study made from this plant by Miss Mary Forrer, showing how beautiful the whole vine is, with its tender twining stem, small, somewhat sagittate leaves, and flowers about an inch in diameter, that are white, delicately tinged with pink. But pleasing as this plant is to the eye, it is said to be a pernicious weed, and farmers and horticulturists must guard against its dissemination, as it spreads rapidly and has the name of being an exterminator of all plants in its neighborhood".