We have called attention to the merits of this very hardy evergreen as a wall or tree creeper. Mr. Shirley Hibberd in the Gardener's Magazine, has also a word to say in this connection: "This cheap, fast-growing, bright-looking, and extremely neat euonymus is as well suited for clothing a wall as any evergreen shrub in cultivation. I could tell you of a, snug little house in a very snug shaded nook that is clothed with it. and its appearance is surprisingly beautiful. No variegated ivy could equal the glossy, creamy, dappled close leafage of this fast-growing and healthy-looking plant, which, moreover, almost trains itself, though wanting a little help of nails and shreds. It is the equal of the ivy in another respect, for any soil will suit it, so that where the stuff below is not good enough for a wall rose, clematis, or a wistaria, it may be good enough for this euonymus, which also endures shade and town dust as well as any plant in creation".