Mr. A. Pichard, Tallahassee, Florida, writes: I read in the Gardeners' Monthly, which I received a few davs ago, two articles with errors I think you will be willing to rectify. 1st. Page 183. Communication by Jaques. I don't know Mr. Jaques, but he should know that Algeria does not belong to the Turks, as he said in his article on Locusts. Before 1829, the Dey of Algeirs was nearly independent of the Porte, and in 1829 and 1830 France, to avenge an insult to her ambassador by the Dey, bombarded Algers and put this pirate sovereign out of his throne, and that is why the system of catching the locusts by trenches is employed. I saw from 1843 to 1851 the Arabs (and not the Turks), trying by shouts and loud noises round their barley fields to drive away the locusts, but often they were not successful.

2d. Page 184. In the article on Silk Worms. He thinks ridiculous what he read in the book called " Lang's Cyprus," that the women of Cyprus put the silk worms' eggs round their waists to hatch. Nothing is so true as that assertion; and it is customary not only in Cyprus, but in Switzerland, Piedmont, Italy and France. I have seen it done by nearly every woman engaged in silk culture every year. If Mr. Jaques desires I will give the reasons why, but this will be too long here.