Now and then we read of some one whom, it is said, " brain-work" has killed: but we have always doubted whether the sound, legitimate use of the brain was any more trying to life than any other kind of labor. In the agricultural and horticultural press we have scores of men, not enervated by the excessive use of spirits and stimulants, who have had the pen continuously in hand for an incredible number of years, and are as bright and strong on their approach to four-score as any dunderhead could be. We have lately noticed P. R. Freas, of the Germantown Telegraph, an editor for fifty years, without a week's intermission. And now we may note Samuel Sands, of the American Farmer, who has recently passed his eightieth year, and gives promise of many more days of usefulness. It is pleasant to notice so many instances where the days are long in the land of those who devote themselves to such unselfish work.