I have a vine in my possession, sent me with some other seedling grape vines, on trial by Mr. Ricketts, the celebrated seedling grape grower of Newburgh, N. Y., one of the seedlings being his celebrated white grape Lady Washington, the best white grape grown. The other I think being worthy of very honorable mention. It is called the Jefferson, a red grape of great excellence, possessing an exquisite flavor, good size, being a great cropper, hanging on the vine a long time in good condition, and a vigorous, healthy grower. I have fruited this variety for the past ten years, and have not given it particular attention, only giving it good, clean culture, using no sulphur, it being entirely free from mildew. This variety, I believe, is now in possession of Mr. J. G. Burrow, Fishkill, N. Y., who intends putting it on the market next fall. I am not personally interested in this seedling more than in any other, but think it the finest thing in the grape line I have ever seen.