Frederick Schneider II., President of the Horticultural and Agricultural Society, at Wittstock, Germany, writes to us that he thinks there are too many Roses. It is now too late for the time he fixes on, but it will much interest our readers to note what an intelligent European thinks of so many roses, and how he proposes to reduce the number:

" The aim of this list is to reduce the four or five thousand different varieties of roses at present grown in the gardens to a limited number of really valuable ones only - to publish the names of these sorts and so to recommend them for preference in cultivation. All answers should be sent in during November and December 1879, post free to my address and must be accompanied with the distinctly written signature and full address of the sender in order to make it possible to communicate the result to him. To each variety should be added if possible the name of the raiser and the year of its introduction. The printed result of this election of roses will be communicated gratis and post free to all those horticultural papers and all those correspondents who have taken part in it.